About Us

Every life has a unique story. FilmyCharm.com captures the most about famous people who are in news and people who make the news.

We all want to know about who are the top singers, who are the top actors and actress, who are the top painters, who are the top footballers, who are the top Youtubers, who are the top Tik tokers and many things about famous people life we want to know.

Our Aim

The aim of the website was to provide authentic information about world celebrities and people who are in the news.

What are our data collection sources?:

  • From authentic internet sources.
  • Telephonic interviews with the celebrities conducted by our team
  • Newspapers, Magazines
  • Getting information directly from the celebrities via email

. If you have got your own experiences. Please share them in the comment box. You can also reach out to me at “abhimgr123@gmail.com”. Thanks